Dry-Misting “NO TOUCH” method

“No Touch” artificial dry mist-forming saturation with biocide solution (H2O2) of spaces and surfaces in public and private areas.

The solution we offered consists of dispersing a “dry mist” in the environment by atomisation of a mixture of water and disinfectant biocide agent (hydrogen peroxide).

This solution, known as “NO TOUCH”, makes it possible to reach and disinfect every surface present, even those defined as “negative” (the parts behind and under furniture, shelves, supports).

"This solution, known as 'NO TOUCH', makes it possible to reach and disinfect every surface present."

The effectiveness of the method, established by numerous international studies, makes it possible to reduce microbial and viral loads 1 million times more effectively than traditional methods of spraying or wiping.

JET FOGGER provide a state-of-the-art dry fogging sterilizing machine for all indoor environments

Units provide a non surface residue mist that kills 99.99% bacteria and viruses 

Versatile, efficient and effective

quickly spreads a “dry mist” into the environment by atomizing the disinfectant agent Nanoksia through 5microns atomized with special supersonic air Nozzle.

Nanoksia is 100% Green Vega Nano Based Non- Chemical Biocidal Disinfectant – Certified by Dubai Municipality

The fogg spreads rapidly at all free surfaces 1m³ per second ( 500 m³ in about 8 minutes)


After sanitization, the room can be usable in 20 min.

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