Disinfectant Bactericidal, fungicidal, and viricidal 

• It kills 99,999% within 5 minutes amongst all other viruses and microorganisms COVID-19.

• It will last for 90 days on untouched surfaces.

• It's Analyzed & Tested by a.o. the largest laboratory Merieux NutriSciences Chelab S.R.L.,

• It's Dubai Montaji Municipality approved, approval number CPRE-2020-022982.

• It's 100% plant extract, not toxic, no chemicals, no waste gas emissions to the environment.

• It will last for 90 days on untouched surfaces.

• It's skin friendly, no need to wear personal protective equipment.

• It's International used a.m. by Armies, Airlines, Governments, Hotels, Hospitals, Retailers etc.

• It's natural without smell and is not harmful to humans and animals, we can add rose or lavender for nice & fresh smell.

• It's value for money.


1- FOG Example Application: Hospitals, operating rooms, patient rooms, shopping malls, mosques, hotels, homes, airplanes, buses, taxis, etc.

• No additional labor costs

• Mobile system

• No need for ventilation

• No waste, no disposal

2- SPRAY Example Application: Furniture in patient rooms, general use areas, handrails/door handles, etc. 

• Easy application

• No special application required

• No extra labor

• The applied area does not' 􀀂 need to be dried

3-  SURFACE CLEANING Example Application: Corridors, patient waiting rooms, WC, etc.

• Ensuring 100% surface contact with the product

• No special application required Suitable for wet and humid use

• Developed with the Apply and Leave principle 

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