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Disinfection & sterilization:

We provide all types of disinfection and sanitization services that include but not limited to: 

  • Anti-bacterial disinfection
  • Anti-fungal disinfection

RENTACS disinfection protocol consist of spreading a “dry mist” into the complete volume of the hotel by atomizing

the mixture disinfectant biocide agent (hydrogen peroxide). This “NO TOUCH” application allows the achievement and

disinfection of any surface present, even those defined as “negative”. The effectiveness of the method, proven by

numerous international studies, allows a reduction of microbial and virus charges 1 million times more effective than

traditional spraying or rubbing methods. The radicals released by the peroxide degrade DNA, RNA and bacterial and

viral proteins. The small size of the disinfectant compounds increases the nucleation effect at the cytoplasm level of

microorganisms. The solution spreads rapidly in the environment through the evaporation of micronized particles

reaching on every cm² of free surface present in the environment and for each volume of air, without generating

humidity, corrosion, and residues. The rapid decomposition of the OH- radicals into H2O and O2 makes the hydrogen

peroxide used non-toxic, does not generate the formation of Volatile Organic Compounds and its degradation is rapid

(greater than 99.99% in about 15 minutes).


• Preparation and loading the units (5 minutes)

• Entire Room and restroom (15 minutes)

• Waiting time before public use (5 minutes)

Application Procedure

• The Rentacs Dry Mist Machine with built in air compressor is positioned in key reach areas inside the hotel.

• All doors inside the pretreated area must be opened.

• Authorized trained personnel double check the absence of persons inside the area.

• Special jet atomizers (designed specifically for hotels, for example a hotel room, dimensions

(60 square foot or more) are prepared and the timer set as desired.

• The sanitizing units are now ready to start as per the timer.

• Relative humidity percentage is continuously checked to ensure a proper diffusion.

• Disinfectant is also checked by special H2O detectors positioned on spy surfaces.

• Once the treatment has ended the unit will switch off automatically and the area is sterile.

• The treated area will be accessible after only 15 minutes of fogging and 5 min of clear time.

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